Preparing for a Different Holiday

Today was supposed to be a busy day for me. Plymouth’s Thanksgiving Parade in the morning, a niece’s birthday party in the afternoon and Liz’s play at night. Isabelle and I had other plans that involved some feedings, some reflux action, and pie crusts. She was full of smiles in between her retching and I held her for most of the day enjoying the snuggles. She is a happy baby in spite of herself. I love watching her look at new toys and see her process the idea of reaching for them. 

These moments remind me why I have to be so careful. These small precious moments that have become daily treasures remind me that right now we have to be away from family, friends and crowds. As lonely as it was being away from not be able to do what we originally planned, my hope is we can enjoy many more after her Glenn. 

I did get to see Liz on tv playing the flute, so it wasn’t a complete wash.

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