A FewWords Regarding my Other Half

There is no question that my husband has kept me out of jail and a psychiatric hospital these past few months. He has put me before himself many times through hospital stays, doctors appointments and feeding schedules. I don’t know many men who would volunteer to take turns on who is staying at the hospital with her like her has. Or who would do the laundry, make sure no one is going to starve and that there is enough gas in the car for us to get to and from Boston more than once a day.
He deserves a huge shout out for getting me out the door to do things that are mentally healthy for me like running. When I am out its three against one. It’s not easy running after Addie these days. She tends to completely NOT listen to anyone and melts down if her planets are not aligned. She’s two going on three. Of course she is like that. My point is I don’t know too many men who could handle a two year old, a sixteen year old and the household stuff without batting an eyelash.
My father ran away from his kids, my stepfather would starve without my mother.
Chris has stood by me, given me the ‘calm down’ hand gestures to keep me from getting thrown off the floor, held my hand when we were seeing Isabelle for the first time after surgery and humors the rabbi every time she would visit. He would make the sacrifice of sleep so I could have some, stop at Whole Food when I would run out of my foods, and make every effort to make this easier for me and our family.
People tell me how strong I am all of the time. He gives me half the strength I have. I could not have kept it ‘together’ without him. Next week, he will take on being the sole parent again while I am at a conference and hasn’t batted an eyelash. Not once has he complained about it. He is just worries that I may not make my 6 am flight if anything.
I am so fortunate to have a true partner by my side and I love him.


4 thoughts on “A FewWords Regarding my Other Half

  1. You have deserved this for such a long time and Chris is the answer to your prayers as well as to the prayers of all of us who love you. By the way, your step father can make coffee and toast by himself.. and spread peanut butter, and can make his oatmeal.heehee. Love to all!

  2. I love this post, my friend. Lots of love to you and your beautiful family, jennifer Nast boutin xoxoxo xox

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