My 7 Layer Day on a tee.

A few weeks ago I saw a post on Facebook about a contest to win a foursome at a charity golf tournament that benefited a heart charity. I didn’t know the foundation or what the charity was but I saw ‘Free Foursome” and just went with it. That one spur of the moment action has given me an incredible day that has been a multitude of blessings.

Jasper’s Heart is a foundation that was created by his parents to support The Children’s Heart Foundation in his memory. Creating a fundraising event like a golf tournament is quite an undertaking and these people were amazing in their attention to detail. And they were the most wonderful, welcoming people and I was honored to have been part of their event. Another heart family, trying to make a difference in a world that has no place for CHDs. Not enough funding. Not enough advertising for awareness. Not enough attention. But every now and then, there are these little pockets of hope like this tournament, news of another breakthrough or even a child’s success story that reminds me that there are other families out there that are in the same boat we are. The heart pages are not enough for me to feel camaraderie, which is sad because that is the purpose of them. As I have mentioned in previous posts I feel disconnected and that somehow I don’t belong. I belonged today with people I had never met before. No amount of FB ‘likes’ can make that any better. Oh wait- meeting Dan Foley, chairman of the Children’s Heart Foundation made that better. The genuine appreciation this family had for us attending made it hugely better. We are talking about putting one together for Isabelle to support the CHF and their research, and they have offered to give us helpful suggestions in addition to supporting any other event we are participating in. Wow. It really doesn’t get much better than that. 

Today was wonderful for another big reason- we golfed with my cousin and her husband. They are more like my brother and sister than cousins, and I had a great time getting to know them on a different playing field. Scott has a personal connection to CHDs also, through his brother who was born with mitral valve issues amongst other things, and his mother who also had heart issues. 

And then there was the golf itself. Golf is the one activity that Chris and I share with each other without competition. I love playing with him and look forward to the opportunities that present themselves. I grew up immersed in golf. I know I say that a lot, but playing with Dara today reminded me of how much time we spent at the country club with our dear grandparents who loved to share their favorite past-time with us. Many afternoons were spent at their house with golf on television. They would go back and forth about each player and what they should be doing. Every summer before I went to camp I would go to the Plymouth Country Club with my grandmother and be with her when she played with her foursome. She always would take me out for three holes and tried to teach this ADHD child how to play. At the time, I thought it was the most boring thing in the world and would start begging for a frappe by the time we reached the second hole. Today I closed my eyes, breathed in  the mixture of grass with an undertone of leather, and wished I was back there sitting in the cart, watching my Nana tee off or hear her voice telling me to bend my knees and make a ‘v’ with my thumbs. 

I came to play with very few expectations, and was happy when we used my shots. I was even happier watching my cousin improve as the day went on, both of us laughing and joking how proud Nana and Gramps would be of our shots. They would have been ecstatic to see us enjoying ourselves in addition to our performance. My mother was very pleased when I told her what a wonderful day we had. When she saw the pictures of me in mid-swing, she immediately told me that I was hyperextended and how my posture should be in order to have more control. My mother used to be a phenomenal golfer. She had her name was on the wall of PCC a few times herself. The family connection to the game runs deep, and today we celebrated being on the course together. I cannot accurately express how much that meant to me. Truly could not think of a better way to commemorate the anniversary of my dear Nana’s passing than playing golf with my sister cousin and our husbands. I can’t think of a better way to honor our daughter by playing with others who are donating to our cause. 

So as you can see today’s tournament was about many pieces of who I am. Golf. Family. CHD Awareness. Funding for research. Heart family. Enjoying my life partner. Spending time with my favorite cousin who was a cornerstone in my life and still is. 7 layers to the day, sweet!

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