BCH vs….

The last few days I have seen posts about Boston Children’s Hospital and the comments have been less than glowing. The rivalry between Boston and Philadelphia plays out on various pages I frequent and frankly, I am so done with it. Yes, I am sure CHOP has amazing facilities that give many families comfort and excellent care to pediatric patients, it’s also in Pennsylvania, which was a state founded by a Quaker, I believe. A Quaker who didn’t believe in violence, and seemed by historical accounts to have a gentle disposition.
Boston is not Pennsylvania. Boston was founded by a handful of colonists who started a ruckus by throwing tea into the harbor and set off the American Revolution. The hospital is smack in the middle of this community and the Yankee mentality may just be part of the reason why people don’t get warm fuzzies when they come here.
Warm fuzzies didn’t save my daughter. Medical ingenuity did. Medical ingenuity, sparked by the competitive drive and combined with brilliant graduates from the top academic institutions in the country saved my daughter and many others. People were blunt with us. They told us that in order for her to live, we had to get through three surgical procedures. Our cardiologist was matter of fact, was as gentle as she could be and made herself available If we had questions or concerns. The kindness we received along the way was the gravy. It just happened, evolved, I guess you could say. There were times when I had to be a strong advocate when I felt that certain things weren’t being done or there was too much being done at the time. We put so much trust in doctors and nurses, we forget that they are human and that they are following the best course they feel appropriate for the situation. It isn’t always right, and I am lucky I have had the education I have received from the Heart mamas and Sisters by Heart.
Thousands of patients come to this hospital confined by concrete walls and limited space. Some Boston streets were originally cow paths that didn’t make very much sense. It wasn’t a planned out city. There isn’t a lot of room and everything is expensive. I count my blessings that we live an hour away so we have access to the best healthcare in the world. But believe me, start knocking my hospital and you will get an earful from me. They saved her. She is sleeping in her bassinet, peacefully and I enjoyed a wonderful day with her today. Right now, I would trade bedside manner for her to thrive. And that is what she is doing, she is thriving,
If you a looking for someone to be nice, or large open spaces that you can park an RV in, then Boston isn’t for you. And that’s okay, but don’t slam the place that treated my oldest when no one had a clue what was wrong with her and that has allowed for Isabelle to be with us.
This Masshole will most certainly bite back.

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