Enjoying the Moments

Yesterday afternoon we had a yogurt catastrophe. Following my pediatrician’s advice I gave Isabelle another flavor of yogurt to try in case the blueberries were the issue. Good news for the blueberries: it wasn’t them. Almost two hours after consuming the yogurt, she made quite a mess on her poor Daddy’s lap without warning. There was little doubt over the cause of the disruption.
So even though we have made some progress with bringing dairy back into the breast milk, we have not made very much progress in adding dairy into her table food menu. I think we are going to wait until she is a year old before we give her anything like that again! Or at least until we can find some drop cloths we can place all over the living room.
In the morning Chris and I got some much needed alone time without children. We participated in a golf tournament to raise money for a halfway house in Plymouth. I played terribly but it didn’t matter to me (until I started losing balls) because I was enjoying it so much. My mother understood how much we needed a break and watched the girls for us. It had rained all morning, the ground was like a dirty sponge and the course was a tad claustrophobic but it was worth every second.
We need breaks like that. It helps us retain some sanity from the daily craziness of our lives. My grandparents would have been in the floor if they saw how I played yesterday. I made a few good shots but I know my swing could use a lot of work and my putting skills suck. I miss them. Golf brings them back into my life for 18 holes.
Addie and Isabelle played with the water table while we were contemplating what to have for dinner. I loved watching them interact with each other- Addie showing her what to do and Isabelle just loving being with her. Moments like that make the CHD part of our lives fade a little. It allows me to enjoy my girls without worrying. Although, I think I may have to worry about Addie’s plans for taking over the world with her new accomplice. It was great to have more normalcy. I know these moments don’t happen for everyone so I relish the ones that happen here. At least until Addie wets her pants after we asked her if she needed to go potty 5 minutes earlier.

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