Yesterday started out great. My mom and I went to the driving range and I hit some incredible shots thanks to her great tips. Drives that made my jaw drop. I think I finally saw the golf swing my grandparents saw years ago. It was awesome. I then spent the afternoon looking for a job, thinking about different career choices while watching “Kill Bill Vol 1.” 

The afternoon came and went, Chris came home and we both collected our girls at our neighbors. My dinner was going to be panfried chicken breast dipped in egg and parmesan with salad. Hmmm. Eggs. Would Addie like scrambled eggs for supper? Sure! Why not make enough for both girls? After all, Izzie has had eggies before so this should be ok. 

Made the eggs. Izzie was happy and eating them. Addie was not really eating but doing everything else from coloring to showing me things around the kitchen. Chris was on the phone with Best Buy who gets amnesia every time when it comes to our microwave. Izzie seems really tired so we put her in the playpen to sleep. Maybe she is down for the night. After about a half hour, she wakes up restless. Addie has been in the tub for about the same amount of time (so it seems). Maybe Izzie should have one too. Bring her in to the bathroom and that is when I saw the Hives. Huge hives. And they were spreading all over her back, her arms, chest and stomach. They were appearing as fast as I was looking around her onesie. If we were in a movie, the camera would have done a 360 degree pan around us.

Quickly I take her to the changing table so I can get a better view of what was happening. Cue to Chris- allergic reaction! Who do we call? Pediatrician’s office! We what? Give her Benedryl, go to the ER. We give her Benedryl, she throws up. Not good. Addie can’t decide which nightgown she wants to wear. Call my parents. Please meet us, we have to bring them both to the ER. Addie needs to get into her PJs. She is literally going in circles. I realize that I can either lose my head, or get the Ariel nightgown that makes her feel  like a princess. All is well. We are in the car. 

I find out later that the best course of action would have been to call 911. We pulled in and I jumped out, grabbed Izzie and lost my mother on the way in to the ER. She thought Addie was getting out too. Thankfully she had told them we were coming. We got right in. 

She was itching herself all over- her head, ears, and chest. Her color went from blotchy to RED. Flaming red. As soon as she saw medical personnel, she lost it. Heart rate up, O2 sats low. Unbeknownst to us, the nurses and doctor were really concerned because the reaction was getting more severe by the minute. IV went in after a few tries and so came the benedryl. The consensus was that we would be better off where they knew her best so off we went to Children’s. 

She was much better when we got up this morning, but I was exhausted. Now we have to worry about food allergies? Really? So half a heart isn’t enough apparently. Allergist appointment in a few weeks – not soon enough for me, by the way, and no epipen. We have an appointment with our pediatrician and I will make sure we don’t leave that office without a prescription. 

Once again I am grateful we didn’t have a different outcome. And, best part- I got to meet an extraordinary warrior named Sawyer. For the past year I had read his mom’s posts on the various pages I am on. Inspiring posts of heart mama love. It was awesome to finally have met them in person. Best part of the day, with the exception of being home with all three of my girls.

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