Baby Steps

You know you are getting old when you watch the VMAs and have no idea who half the artists are. And yet, I continued watching until Katy Perry’s Million Dollar Baby finale, which wasn’t worth a million peanuts. I won’t comment on Miley Cyrus. There is too much to say and very little time since I expect Isabelle to wake up any minute.

The VMAs are another marker that summer is coming to an end and soon school will start. Plymouth starts next week and Addie will be starting preschool the week after that. I am looking forward to when she starts for a number of reasons- biggest being that maybe they can figure out how to get her to listen and that others will see how incredible bright she is. Oh, and maybe someone could recommend a speech therapist since half the time none of us has any idea of what she is saying. And I will have a few hours in the morning with just one baby three days a week.

Isabelle is now on the move. Her curiosity propels her to various hot spots in the house, such as the changing table where all of her medical supplies are and the area under the desk where all the electrical sockets are. I am thrilled that she is showing us that she is learning fast but it can be a challenge when her sister has a toy she is interested in but does NOT want to share. Good times. 

We have a cardiology appointment tomorrow and I am hoping for another 3 months of no appointments. I hope her function has remained good and that she continues on doing well. Her legs still are not strong enough to help her stand from a seated position, and walking seems to be a little ways off but we are happy with how she is. She is chatting up a storm and has started to point at things of interest. 

It’s funny how people make assumptions before they know of her condition or what she has been through. I can see the wheels turning when I say that she hasn’t taken steps yet or isn’t saying words. I think the first assumption is whether I have noticed that she is a tad behind, and if she is, then there must be something wrong. Not that they would ask, of course. Instead there is an awkward silence while I watch her play at my feet or in my arms. I don’t hand out pamphlets when I meet new people about what she has gone through. I just smile and say I think she is doing great, because I do!

In other news- still no job yet. I know it’s the summer and as the fall schedule approaches I am wondering how I could work in Boston and still get the girls to where they need to be. I am hoping to find something a lot closer to home, and the trade off is that may not be in the design field. I have no idea what I am going to do or even what I want to do. So maybe it is a good thing that it has been quiet. Who knows. In the meantime I will continue on looking in spite of my doubts and see what my options are. 

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