Day 3 of Gratitude: I am grateful I was blessed with another chance at a life with a wonderful man

I am grateful for my husband. He makes me laugh, smile and helps me raise our three girls. He is there when I am feeling down about not having a job. He encourages me when I am not sure of myself and supports me when I need to do something for myself. I could not have asked for a better man to share my life with me.
When we got the news that our daughter was missing parts of her heart, he never let go of my hands. He has been with me for every visit, every trip into Children’s, every test, every x-Ray, and every inpatient. He has tried to calm me down when my mama claws come out during vitals. He has brought me coffee, fresh change of clothes, and anything I could possibly need during an overnight. I don’t look like a Victoria Secret model, but he treats me like one.
Being with someone who truly is your partner in everything is a blessing. I know because I had the opposite for a long time. I couldn’t do anything for myself. My life was an afterthought, my daughter was a casualty. To this day I immediately assume that I can’t do what I need to when the planets don’t align. But my husband is a force of nature that can pull the sun, moon, two small children and a teenager together while making dinner. He never ceases to amaze me, and I thank god for him every day!

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