Day 24 of 30 Days of Gratitude: I am grateful for faith

Faith is something I find hard to come by at times. It’s the reason why I chose “Faith” to be Isabelle’s middle name. I needed to be reminded when I said her name to have it. It took me a little while but I found it after she had her first surgery. The Rabbi at Children’s would come and visit us, and I would ask questions on how could I keep it in spite of the unknowns hospitals tend to bring out in people. She was very patient and told me that all I could do is see what today brings. And then she would hand me a little challah and electric candles to celebrate the sabbath with. She brought a humanity to our situation that allowed for some hope to come in. Plus, those were good challahs.

Faith can also mean one’s religion. For example, my faith is Judiasm, my husband’s is Catholicism. I love being able to share my experiences and traditions with my family, and I know Chris enjoys sharing some of his too. Last night we spent the evening with our three girls, eating latkes and celebrating Hanukkah with other families. Addie won the dreidel game, which is something I never managed to do, and Izzie had fun wandering around eating applesauce. Every time we are in that hall- whether I am teaching Sunday school or at Friday night services- every time I am there I look over and see the framed certificate of all the names of the men who donated their service money to rebuild the synagogue. My grandfather’s name is on that list. My grandmothers, mother and aunts were/are members of the Sisterhood. They taught sunday school there, and hosted onegs (onegs are like a little ‘reception’ after the service. It’s how we celebrate the sabbath as a community). It warms my heart to have the children named after them celebrate in the same rooms. My family has been part of the synagogue since the 1940’s. And here we were, a mixed family of 5 enjoying latkes. It was awesome.

When Hanukkah is over we can get ready for Christmas and it will be Chris’s turn to share his traditions with us. I truly appreciate his willingness to raise the girls in my faith, and I do my best to honor him by having the tree, etc. I still am not a fan of the Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, but as long as the girls enjoy it, I’ll make sure I am writing another incredible blog piece when it is on!


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