Frustration Overload

Tch-bostonThis week has been challenging for many, not just myself or our family. Some people have had to hand over their loved ones for surgery. Others continue to struggle in search of employment. Many have struggled with the elements, the weather and the cold. Overall, it’s been a sucky month to say the least.
I will be happy to see February move on as I enter March with new possibilities like a different position and my first fundraiser at the end of the month. Honestly, I started off gangbusters with my flyer, initial meetings with people and my big dreams of a fun evening to raise money for our favorite hospital. Then life happened and days were passing before I knew it. Mamma mia’s never got back to me. We have to visit Panera. What about Stop and Shop or Shaw’s? Thank GOD my sister in law is helping me with restaurant gift cards otherwise I would be late with that in addition to the program!
Lately the buzz about Children’s hasn’t been helping. I mean, did I know they kidnap children? And do experiments on them because they are wards of the state?? No one in their right mind should bring their child to the top rated hospital in our area! Seriously?? two sides to every story and I am going to go out on a limb here and say what I really think about families who claim they don’t know what they were signing. I don’t believe them. There is not a single moment that I didn’t know what we were signing for Isabelle or 10 years ago for Liz. Staff went over everything, because they know the liability of what can happen if they don’t. People believing everything they see online is making my head spin. And I know not everyone has the experience that we have had but we have had this experience because we ask questions and I can be a total bitch. You want to run tests, take vitals or use her as part of your research experiment, sure- I will let you as long as she doesn’t burn off a thousand calories or hurt herself. And if my gut tells me they need to stop or she needs sleep, not her blood pressure checked then I will tell you. When she needs to rest and I know that is what she needs, I will tell you that. If I have a concern about her sats or fluid intake, I will not speak to the med student and bypass right to the attending. Just ask my husband. He may make hand motions to signal me to calm down most of the time we are there, but if anything ever happened to her I can honestly say I did everything I physically and mentally possible- no matter how small- to take care of her.
Ok. Got that off my chest. It’s been killing me to see the posts on BCH’s pages full of hate and complete ignorance, trying to take away over a hundred years of excellent health care over an incident that only half the story has been able to come out. The crazy half. That crazy half is not going to change the fact that when my husband was vomiting blood and no one knew why, Children’s saved him. It will not change when Elizabeth looked like a tumor was growing out of her neck and they knew exactly what to do for her. And it will never change the fact that in spite of missing an entire side of her heart, Isabelle is like every other 18 month old following her sister around. Nothing. No amount of posts or taking my photo and writing stupid crap on it will change that.


2 thoughts on “Frustration Overload

  1. There’s no way to say what you said better. I am going back there to see my neurosurgeon again tomorrow. I am currently seeing him 2-3 times a week, and yet he is okay with that. He is doing what’s safe for me, not what’s better for him. BCH is amazing and it sickens me to read what’s on their fb page. And anyways, it’s all lies. Thinking of you and your family. ~Natali

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